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RoboWorksTM is an easy to use software tool for 3D modeling, simulation and animation of any physical system.  When using RoboWorks you will benefit from:  

  • Extremely intuitive model development

  • High quality, fully interactive 3D graphics

  • Lightweight files that conserve disk space

  • Full animation, even while building your model

  • Interfacing with popular software packages

 Most analysis and visualization software such as Matlab, MathCad, and LabVIEW support graphics limited to charts and graphs.  RoboWorks adds 3D modeling and animation capabilities to these software packages.  Now you can do your analysis in the software of your choice and visualize and animate your results in RoboWorks. 

 RoboWorks supports interactive animation via the keyboard (animate as you build your model), through a data file, or through RoboTalkTM.  RoboTalk is an Open Source applications programming interface that allows programs running on any platform that supports TCP/IP to interact with and control RoboWorks models in real time.  For example, your control program running on Linux can now control your mobile robot simulation in RoboWorks in real-time.

Look at some screen shots and movies of models and simulations created using RoboWorks, see the detailed characteristics of RoboWorks, read what some users of RoboWorks have to say about it and read about system requirements for using RoboWorks.

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RoboWorks Characteristics

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User Comments

 The ease of use allowed for quick concept development of unconventional robot configurations. The data files for animation correspond to set-point buffers in real world position controllers, making for seamless software/control algorithm testing. It can't be beat for concept development and simulation.  Bravo!!

- Jamison

 “The RoboWorks is a real gem!  I loved it. Even though it doesn't have all the 'bells & whistles' of some high-priced package, it has most of the capabilities one would need to do rapid prototyping and simple simulation.”

- Larry Li

  “...only using it for about an hour, I was able to create a model of my robotic arm and simulate it with ease!”

 – Carlos

"This is really a great idea.  RoboWorks easily adds high quality 3D graphics capability to LabView”  

- Ian

“About RoboWorks, we were very impressed with the program. It's very simple to use and has powerful graphics.”

 - Jose Miguel Machado

“Roboworks software. It looks terrific, nice work!”

- Roderic Don

  “User friendly, very flexible” 

- Ben Carranza 

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System Requirements



Win 95/98/NT/2000. RoboTalk source code is provided with RoboWorks and will work on any system that supports TCP/IP.


Hardware: Pentium and above.  No specialized graphics hardware.  5 MB disk space.  16MB Ram.


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